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Heet Primary Healthcare Center, Heet, Iraq: Sustainment Assessment

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On 3 November 2008, SIGIR performed an on-site assessment of the Heet Primary Healthcare Center PHC project. The total contract cost, including modification, was 412,130 the project was turned over to the GOI on 16 July 2008. During the site visit, SIGIR determined that many of the original deficiencies identified in the pre-final inspection, such as damaged air-conditioning units and interior leaks were not corrected along with other construction deficiencies, such as leaks in the bathrooms, nonfunctioning hot-water heaters, exterior surface cracks, and low-quality windows. It was not possible to conduct a complete review of all work because security conditions did not allow for an in-depth site inspection. SIGIR found that some medical equipment was either not connected or not operating. For example, a dental chair was in place but not installed. Connection pipes for the dental room were missing so the dental chair was not completely installed. A strong smell of diesel fuel was noticed throughout the PHC. The source of the leak was one of the supply lines to the generator from the fuel storage tank. The diesel fuel was spreading to the main electrical line, which was not installed in a concrete vault as required. The diesel fuel spill not only is a fire hazard, but due to the concentration of fumes throughout the facility, it is a potential respiratory health issue for the PHC staff and patients. The PHC relies upon the national grid for its primary power however, the national grid is unreliable and provides only about 5 hours of electricity per day. Therefore, two generators were included in the contract to provide consistent and reliable power to operate the facility when power from the national grid is down. The larger generator was inoperable. SIGIR identified other construction deficiencies, such as the reverse osmosis unit had been delivered over 9 months ago but still was not installed.

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