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Shiqaq Hai Musalla Primary Healthcare Center, Kirkuk, Iraq: Sustainment Assessment

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On 15 December 2008, SIGIR performed an on-site assessment of the Shiqaq Hai Musalla Primary Healthcare Center project. Due to security concerns, the time allotted for the site visit was approximately one hour, with limited access to the roof therefore, a complete review was not possible. SIGIR found that the requirement to formally document all deficiencies with estimated completion dates during the pre-final inspection was not fulfilled. The project file lacked a pre-final or final inspection of the PHC. The file did contain a 19 July 2007 note stating x-ray leaded glass and heaters will be installed later. SIGIRs site visit confirmed that these two outstanding deficiencies were not corrected by the contractor. In addition, SIGIR noticed that the x-ray rooms exterior doors and darkroom door appeared to be standard wooden doors, not the lead-lined doors required by the design. The contractor had delivered and connected the x-ray equipment but did not verify that the equipment was operational. Also, the facilitys staff does not have the technical capability to operate the x-ray equipment consequently, the facility cannot offer any x-ray services to its patients. The Reverse Osmosis unit was installed, but was disconnected from the water system. The walls above the support beams over the portico to the building had vertical cracks that aligned with the support beams below. The area engineer was aware of this issue. The solution was to use two reinforced concrete columns beneath the free ends of the support beams. SIGIR did not observe any other noticeable signs of structural failure or distress. The primary reinforced concrete structural members that were visible did not show any indicators of failure. The floors appeared even and level, and there were no apparent signs of settlement or displacement. The PHC facility has been operating for 15 months and serves approximately 200 patients daily.

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