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Roll-On/Roll-Off Berth, Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq: Sustainment Assessment

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On 6 January 2009, SIGIR performed an on-site assessment of the Roll-OnRoll-Off Berth project at the North Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq. This 2.7 million project was funded by the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund. Because of security concerns, the total time available on site was approximately 45 minutes therefore, an in-depth review was not possible. Although SIGIR could not inspect the underwater requirements, SIGIR inspected the steel deck structure and abutment, pontoon and pontoon decking, guide railroller assemblies, mooring and berthing dolphins, the steel walkway to the dolphins, and the adjacent parking and sidewalk area. On 17 December 2005, Gulf Region South of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded the contract and was responsible for oversight of the projects construction. The objective of the project was to increase the operational efficiency and capacity of the Port of Umm Qasr. The project would allow additional vessels to dock at the Port of Umm Qasr, which would increase the amount of imports and exports flowing through the port and reduce the time for loading and unloading freight. The project would also result in an increase in local employment. SIGIR reviewed the contractors 90 design package. The contract required 60 and 90 designs, but only the 90 drawings were located. After reviewing the 90 drawings, SIGIR determined that the project was adequately designed and the initial construction was satisfactory. During the on-site inspection SIGIR identified damage to the pontoon guide railroller assemblies, damage to the hinges that connect the steel structure decking and the pontoon decking, and two rubber fenders that need to be replaced on the berthing dolphins. SIGIR concluded that the construction of the Roll-OnRoll-Off Berth facility was adequate aside from the minor damage noted, the project was operating at the capacity provided for in the contract. The Roll-OnRoll-Off Berth had been operational for approximately two years.

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