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Micropackaging for the Next Generation of Optical and Electrical Components

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IODA forum rept.

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In August 2006, the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association OIDA held a one day forum on micropackaging. OIDA held this Forum in conjunction with the 100 Gbit Ethernet Forum with the objective of focusing on the issues presented by next generation components for communication systems. Historically, the telecommunications sector invested heavily in new communications technology at the component and semiconductor level. Industry stratification over the last 10 to 15 years, however, changed the business model, research activity, and funding levels. At the same time, the requirement for higher data rates and smaller components that are more intelligent has evolved. Optical components are ubiquitous. Applications that use them include DVD players, audio devices, cell phones, re-writable drives, projection displays, and communication devices. This report concentrates on the role of micropackaging for the communications industry. This topic is highly relevant to the 100 Gbit Ethernet Forum that took place in conjunction with this meeting. The configuration and cost of optical component packages depends on the application. Packages can incorporate individual passive or active components, or be hybrids that incorporate two or more components. This report focuses on packaging for optical components for systems that operate at high data rates. The next generation of optical communication products, such as the 100 Gbit Ethernet, will require such components. The communications industry is constantly being pushed to deliver higher data rates and lower cost products. The movement is away from discrete components to functional modules, especially in the Ethernet and fiber channel markets. There are several competing approaches for miniaturizing and increasing the optical component functionality.

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