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Role of Pakistan in War against Terrorism with Particular Emphasis on its Tribal Area

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Master's thesis

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Pakistan can fight the war against terrorism in its tribal areas effectively with the assistance from the US and the international community. In order to win the war against terrorism, along with the military actions the US and the international community must foster the development of economical, social and political system in Pakistans tribal area. The tribal areas of Pakistan are the areas of the world where rule of the law has never been enforced. During the British time in the South Asia, tribal areas were not ruled but used as buffer zone against the invaders from the west through mutual agreements with tribal leaders. After independence of Pakistan from Britain, status quo was maintained for the tribal areas. The tribal areas were not extended with the privileges being provided to the common citizen of Pakistan. Tribal leaders were trusted. to develop their territory with funds provided by the Pakistans government. The Cold War era flooded the tribes with heavy economic and military support to fight USSR but resulted in strengthening the tribal leaders and degradation of the basic human rights of the population. After the cold war, US and its allies mishandled the Pakistan and the Afghanistan that led creation of terrorist organization i.e. AI Qaeda. Lately Al Qaeda became the reason for the 911 incident and the war against terrorism. Although the Pakistan, the US and its allies have been fighting war on terror since 2001, however, there are no visible signs of victory so far. It is commonly perceived that the US and its Allies may win the war but will not be winning the hearts and minds of the people where the roots of terrorism are lying. To eliminate the terrorism from tribal areas, the Pakistan, the US and the international community have to uplift the tribal areas economically, socially and politically.

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