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A Non-Intrusive Alert System for Maritime Anomalies: Literature Review and the Development and Assessment of Interface Design Concepts (Systeme d'Alerte non Intrusive en cas d'Anomalies Maritimes: Examen de la Documentation et Elaboration/Evaluation de Concepts d'Interface)

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This project involves the investigation of best practices for the development of design concepts for a visualization aid, specifically an alerting system, which would increase the RMP operators awareness and understanding of maritime anomalies in the RMP e.g. vessel not heading to port, grab and dash fishing, etc.. Such an alerting system, however, must make operators aware of anomalies that may be present without impacting on the performance of their primary tasks. The objectives of this project were i to identify and analyse available literature relevant to nonintrusive alert systems, ii develop design concepts for a non-intrusive alerting interface to be used in GCCS-M and iii obtain feedback from Navy Subject Matter Experts SMEs on the suitability of the design options. The results of the literature review suggest that there is a lack of a unified design approach and associated recommendations for non-intrusive alerting contexts. Furthermore, there was no single paper that definitively addressed the issue of how to design a non-intrusive alerting system. However, we were able to extract relevant concepts from the literature relating to alertalarm design in general. These concepts, combined with general human factors principles, provided direction for a number of design concepts which were then reviewed and evaluated by subject matter experts.

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