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Instructor Manual for Social Awareness and Influence Workshop

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Manual with briefing charts

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This Instructor Manual contains the materials necessary for facilitating the Social Awareness and Influence Workshop. The purpose of the Social Awareness and Influence Workshop is to help improve the ability of participants to influence others. This course is designed to provide participants with tools, techniques, and different ways of thinking about influence in order to refine and focus skills necessary for effective influence attempts. Influence is a core component of effective Army leadership and it is important to continually improve ones skills to be a more effective leader. This workshop consists of a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by numerous practical exercises. This workshop covers a wide range of topics related to influence including bases of power, various influence tactics, factors to consider in selecting an influence tactic, and a model of social awareness and influence that outlines how one can most effectively proceed through the phases of an influence attempt. The Social Awareness and Influence Workshop consists of four modules. The first module provides an overview of the model of social awareness and influence used in the workshop as well as why influence and social awareness are important for effective Army leadership. The remaining three modules consist of the various phases of the social awareness model The Planning Phase, The Interaction Phase, and The In-the-Moment Awareness Phase. The Planning Phase focuses upon preparing for influence attempt including the identification of relevant factors that will affect the attempt and making a decision as to what influence tactics to consider. The Interaction Phase refers to the actual influence attempt including the enactment of influence tactics by the influencer as well as the subsequent perception and reaction of the intended target. The In-the-Moment Awareness Phase refers to the evaluation of target reactions and how those influence subsequent decisions of the influencer.

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  • Sociology and Law
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