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A Model for Permanent Reconstruction Teams- Developing the Organic Capability within the Department of Defense

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Master's thesis

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There is a deficiency in the United States ability to conduct stability operations. In viewing the contemporary operational environment COE there exists both current and future requirements for creating standing stability operations units. This research proposes creating, organizing, training, equipping, and sustaining a provincial reconstruction team PRT oriented branch within the DOD on a permanent basis. The proposed stability mandate and scope of responsibilities would be significantly broader than the current United States Army Civil Affairs branchs mandate and the PRTs must be trained, skilled, and have the ability to coordinate operations with the various United States Government departments, with non-governmental organizations NGOs, and with Allies and Coalition Partners. Providing aid to failing and post-conflict states poses one of the greatest national and international security challenges for the United States and the world community today and in the foreseeable future. Failing states are the breeding grounds for terrorism because they have vulnerable populations that can be exploited by anti- American and anit-Western organizations both transnational terrorist and state sponsored. Failing states threaten their populace, neighbors, the region, our allies, and the United States. The United States military is currently ill equipped to plan for both combat operations and Phase IV V stability and support operations and the current combat focused forces should not have to divert training and assets to governance operations. The United States military cannot afford to lose its superior military edge in specialization of conventional, special, and air operations. In order to sustain advantages afforded a world power DOD must develop and maintain a governance specialization. The current United States military structure is completely inadequate for conducting stability and support operations.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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