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Immune Response Augmentation in Metastasized Breast Cancer by Localized Therapy Utilizing Biocompatible Magnetic Fluids

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Final rept. 1 Aug 2007-31 Jul 2008

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Magneto-rheological Fluid MRF is synthesized from suspensions of micron size iron particles in phosphate buffered saline PBS. The iron particles are surface coated using atom transfer radical polymerization ATRP with various polymers, such as polyN-isopropylacrylamide polyNIPAAm, and polyacrylamide polyAAm. The surface grafted polymer has been characterized using differential scanning calorimetry DSC, and properties of resulting fluid has been measured using a rheometer. A mathematical model is developed to explore the behavior of iron particles injected into tumor under magnetic field. Results showed that stress on the neighboring tissue is increased four times when the magnetic field is doubled from 0.2 Tesla to 0.4 Tesla. The effect of MRF on tumor growth are evaluated by using an orthotopic murine breast cancer model 4T1 by growth measurements and histological changes following injection of MRF or carrier fluid alone into the tumor and the effects of subsequent application of a magnetic field to the site. Therapy resulted in slowed tumor growth and significantly increased frequency of activated dendritic cells in the tumor but not in the spleen, suggesting a localized immune response. Also, MRF and magnetic field treatment inhibited the growth of orthotopic 4T1 tumors.

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