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The Comparative Study of the Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and Infrasound on Water Molecule Dissociation and Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species

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Final rept. Feb-Nov 2008

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The project was devoted to the study of the mechanisms of the effect of non-ionizing extremely low frequency electromagnetic field and infrasound radiation and gas composition of the medium on water dissociation and hydrogen peroxide H2O2 formation in water and water solutions. Lack of knowledge of the effect of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field ELF EMF and infrasound IS on physicochemical properties of water and water solutions the dominant component of cells is the main barrier for precise estimation of beneficial and harmful effects of these factors on cell and organism from the point of public health and biotechnology. On basis of the obtained data it would be possible to estimate the messenger role of cell bathing medium in realization of the biological effect of ELF EMF and IS on cells and organisms and to determine their beneficial and harmful effects on the latter. Data on high sensitivity of physicochemical properties of cell bathing aqueous medium to ELF EMF and IS and the possibility to modulate their effect by different weak environmental factors, like light, temperature, background radiation BGR, etc. could serve as a powerful tool for environmental terror. Therefore, data, obtained during the project, would make possible precautions against such attacks. The properties of water can be used for early detection as well as for realizing of the mechanism of human made and natural catastrophes. The project offers a hypothesis according to which water molecule dissociation serves as a universal and extrasensitive target for ELF EMF and IS effects and the latter could modulate H2O2 formation, through which their biological effects are realized. It was suggested that the knowledge of the mechanism of the effects of ELF EMF and IS on water molecule dissociation and H2O2 formation would give a chance to understand the messenger role of cell bathing aqua medium in generation of their biological effects on cell and organisms.

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  • Ecology
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Acoustics
  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation

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