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Study of Factors Determining the Gain Characteristics of DOIL Active Medium

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Final rept. 1 Mar 2008-28 Feb 2009

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The aim of the Project is to study experimentally and theoretically the possibility of working pressure increase and increase of singlet delta oxygen SDO yield in conditions of gas flow through the discharge region. Also, the properties of SDO and iodine containing gas mixture will be studied during the Project. In this connection, creation of experimental discharge facilities with gas flow is needed for efficient SDO production. During the work on the Project, active gas mixture will be formed by mixing of SDO obtained in the discharge and iodine donor with following iodine donor photo dissociation. Experiments on this active gas mixture parameters optimization will be carried out by studying its characteristics in pulsed mode. Also, available theoretical model should be developed to cover reactions with iodides and gas dynamic effects in SDO and iodine containing gas mixture flow. These experiments, carried out both in static conditions and with gas flow, are very important for modeling conditions of real electric discharge SDO production systems. Secondly, a study of a technique of compulsory atomic iodine production will be accomplished. Some products, which are produced in oxygen containing discharge plasma, could make it more difficult to form mixture of iodine donor and SDO obtained in the discharge. Minimization of such negative influence will allow high concentration of iodine atoms at low pressure of the gas mixture. Thirdly, theoretical modeling of the processes in gas flow containing SDO and iodine mixture will be carried out. Development of the theoretical model by including reactions with iodides and gas dynamic effects is of great interest for complete description of electric discharge SDO production systems and numerical optimization of its parameters.

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  • Lasers and Masers
  • Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics

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