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A Husbanding Agent in India Could Close a Gap in Aviation Logistical Support

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The logistical chain in the Western Pacific is well established and relies heavily upon husbanding agents in different countries. After departing from Hawaii and replenishing in the vicinity of Singapore, a transient vessel will forego logistical support until the next surface resupply opportunity occurs in the Indian Ocean or near the Persian Gulf. The aircraft onboard deploying carriers and amphibious ships bound for Afghanistan or Iraq have the potential to decline in readiness soon after departing from Singapore. A husbanding agent service utilized from a point in southern India would directly benefit transiting aviation supply and maintenance customers by providing critical aircraft material within the replenishment void between Singapore and the Persian Gulf. In the Western Pacific, aviation logisticians respect the challenges of supporting transiting Navy and Marine aircraft. They also respect supply and maintenance customers goal of maintaining high levels of aviation readiness for these aircraft. High command expects a minimum 75 percent mission capable rate at all times. A husbanding agent providing support out of India would increase aviation readiness by providing replenishment between Singapore and the Persian Gulf. Optimally, the Indian agent would provide aviation materials sooner than the average 10 days, and the Navy and Marine aviation arsenal would be at a high readiness state prior to entering the Strait of Hormuz. This paper describes how husbanding agents currently operate in Australia and Thailand they negotiate customs and forward FEDEXED materials onto awaiting beach detachments and naval ships. It also reviews the possible benefits of an additional husbanding agent in southern India or Diego Garcia, and concludes that adding a husbanding agent service in India would close a gap and add a crucial link to the aviation logistical chain.

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