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Journal of Special Operations Medicine, Volume 4, Edition 4, Fall 2004

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Making Things Happen in SOF Medicine How to Energize the System Most SOF operators are action guys and when they see something they think could be better about the way we operate, theyre usually aggressive about wanting to change it. For the rest of the column, Im going to cover a few of the ways that YOU can energize the system to turn your good ideas into real improvements in SOF medicine. Chain of Command For medical equipment and training while not deployed, the first place to go with new requirements is through your chain of command. Be sure that you have clearly defined the requirement, outlined why the command needs it, and done all of the costing homework. Even if your proposal is a solid one, be prepared to have to work a little to package it and sell it to the commander, since medical issues are generally out of his area of expertise. For combat-related items, some SOF units have done well at obtaining funding from the Global War on Terrorism supplements to support medical requirements. The SOF Special Operations Combat Medic SOCM Requirements Board If you have a new technique or skill that you believe should be added to the training course that SOF combat medics undergo - the SOCM course - the way to make this happen is to bring it up to the USSOCOM SOCM Requirements Board. This board is currently chaired by MSG Sam Rodriguez from USASOC and is comprised entirely of SOF combat medics, physicians, and physician assistants. If you are not sure who your representative on this board is, call CPT Steve Briggs 813-828-5065 or SMSgt Bob McCumsey 813-828-5043 to find out. The Requirements Board evaluates proposed additions or deletions to the SOCM Critical Task List. The recommendations are then presented to the Board of Regents for review. The Biomedical Initiatives Steering Committee BISC Lets say you are a SOF combat medic or operator and you have a need for new physiology information to help you accomplish your mission.

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