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A State Guard/State Defense Force Advisory Reserve

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An accepted truth is that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. What most seem to overlook is that a mind rich in knowledge and experience is so much worse to waste. Yet, we continue to enforce age threshold retirement and then cast away what might be experienced solutions for overworked, underresourced managers. The State Guard SG or State Defense Force SDF is one such organization that traditionally suffers from both types of resource deprivation funding and personnel. It is the rare and privileged SDF to be used herein for both SG and SDF that has sufficient funding to purchase the necessary material and equipment to carry out all its desired missions or even to conduct the necessary exercises in preparation for those missions. Likewise, it is the fortunate SDF whose Table of Organization TO permits sufficient and qualified personnel to sufficiently staff appropriate mission-oriented units. Some Adjutants General have found a way to partially resolve the staffing deficit through the establishment of a Reserve sometimes referred to as the Minutemen. The Minutemen augment the SDF without encumbering TO slots or preventing promotion potential of members of the regular SDF. One benefit of a Minutemen-like Reserve is that they do not have to participate in line unit functions or missions thus, the restrictions on age and health are less vital than for members of the regular SDF. Another benefit is that Minutemen can be selectively called in not called up according to their expertise and availability to perform a specific task and then leave when it is completed. In this manner, SDF Command can seek out and recruit Minutemen with special knowledge and experience to augment their organizations capabilities.

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