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Potential Flow Forces and Moments from Selected Ship Flow Codes in a Set of Numerical Experiments. Appendix B - Time History Plots for Prescribed Heave Motion of Model 5514

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This appendix contains all the plots and tables for the simulations of task 1 that involve 1-DOF prescribed heave motion of Model 5514 scaled to the length 142 m. Each of Figures B-1 through B-300 contains time-history plots of the results from all codes for a single variable during one period of motion. If the code runner did not supply the data, the data vanish identically, or the data are insufficient for a single period, there is no curve for that code. The lack of data in any figure has been noted immediately below the figure. In addition, if a quantity vanishes due to port-starboard symmetry, it is not plotted. As necessary, the time that appears on the horizontal axis has been shifted so that the heave displacement of CG is of the form zT zsub a sin omegat for some amplitude zsub a and some frequency omega. Furthermore, the time t has been replaced by t mod Tsub e where Tsub e is the period of the motion. Tables B-1 through B-600 contain information related to the results depicted in the figures. Two tables follow each figure. The first table gives estimates of the mean value and the amplitudes and phases of the first and second harmonics obtained by Fourier analysis. The second table gives the minimum and maximum of the variable plotted in the figure. The minimum and maximum of both the filtered and unfiltered variables are provided. However, the plot itself was obtained from unfiltered data unless the data were already filtered by the code runner, as is the case for the results from NFA. Appendix L contains plots and tables for the behavior of the minimum and the maximum of each variable plotted in this appendix versus the nondimensional amplitude zsub aT. In the prescribed heave motions of task 1, the frequencies and nondimensional amplitudes for the simulations assigned to each code runner are the same for both Model 5514 and Model 5613 and for both speeds corresponding to Froude numbers 0.0 and 0.3.

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