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Perchlorate Removal, Destruction and Field Monitoring Demonstration (Groundwater RemediationPilot-Scale)

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In 2005, the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program ESTCP funded Applied Research Associates, Inc ARA to demonstrate a regenerable, ion exchange technology, codeveloped with The Purolite Company, using weak base anion WBA resin D-4170 in a groundwater remediation application. The demonstration was conducted at Redstone Arsenal, located near Huntsville, Alabama. Well RS498, a 6-inch extraction well, was selected as the groundwater source for the demonstration. Anion concentrations of the well were as follows 1,500 to 2,200 parts per billion ppb perchlorate ClO4- 4 parts per million ppm nitrate 3 ppm sulfate 4 ppm chloride and 190 ppm bicarbonate. Trichloroethene was also present in the groundwater at 3,100 ppb. During the 15-week demonstration, the process successfully removed perchlorate to below the method detection limit 4 ppb using Environmental Protection Agency EPA Method 314.0. Regeneration was effectively and efficiently accomplished resulting in less than 0.05 spent regenerant volume, based on the water treated. The spent regenerant solution consisted of a relatively safe caustic solution that could be treated for perchlorate by scavenging, using a strong base anion SBA resin or by biodegrading after pH adjustment. successful demonstration at Redstone Arsenal groundwater remediation-pilot scale, ESTCP funded a follow-on demonstration of the WBA ion exchange technology for a drinking water application. The demonstration had the following objectives 1 demonstrate complete perchlorate removal, 2 demonstrate efficient and complete WBA resin regeneration, 3 demonstrate a zero-discharge perchlorate scavenger process, and 4 produce treated water that meets all drinking water quality guidelines. The drinking water treatment-pilot scale demonstration was conducted at Plant F17 in Fontana, California.

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