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The R.D. Gaine and its Application to Fuzes Percussion Base Detonating Large and Medium

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The efficiency of the Fuze, Percussion, Base, Detonating, which far exceeds that of the igniferous fuze previously used, is due to the incorporation in it of the R.D. gaine which imparts a powerful detonative impulse to the shell filling after an appropriate delay. The novel feature introduced by the R.D. gaine is that C.E. is brought to detonation from ignition, in a space dependent on various factors, all of which had to be investigated before a satisfactory design could be submitted for approval. The method of filling had net only to bring the C.E. in the gaine to detonation within the permissible limits of space, but also to withstand the shock of discharge and of impact it also had to be sufficiently simple to be reproducible without variation under manufacturing conditions. Within a few years of its application to the base fuze, the R.D. gaine had been brought to a high pitch of perfection. The ignitory system of the fuze is less perfect and is still under investigation. The development of the R.D. gaine principle and its application to various stores, in particular the large and medium base fuzes, are reviewed. Sufficiently ample references have been provided to enable any particular section of the story to be followed in its entirety, and in order to enable the development of the more important items to be seen at a glance, composite drawings have been made from the corresponding DDL designs. Details of certain branches of the work are given as appendices.

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