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Engineering Evaluation Tests of 16 Gauge vs 14 Gauge Staples IAW MIL-STD-1660, 40MM Cartridge on Wooden Pallet

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The U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center DAC, Validation Engineering Division SJMAC-DEV conducted Engineering Evaluation Tests IAW MIL-STD-1660, Design Criteria for Ammunition Unit Loads on the use of 16 gauge staples vs 14 gauge staples. The unit load tested simulated 40MM cartridges, packed 32 per PA120 metal container, and unitized 48 containers per 40 x 48 pallet. Three test units were tested with a load of 2,290 lbs, 2,295 lbs, and 2,295 lbs. The testing accomplished on the test units was the Stacking, Repetitive Shock, Drop, Incline-Impact, Forklifting, and Disassembly Tests. Test Units 1 and 3 were unitized using 16 gauge staples holding the wooden gates in place, while Test Unit 2 was unitized using the existing requirement of 14 gauge staples holding the gates in place. Test Unit 1 was tested using the proposed 16 gauge staple in accordance with MIL-STD-1660 at ambient temperature. No damage was noted during the Stacking, Repetitive Shock, Drop, Forklifting, and Disassembly Testing. During all of the Incline-Impact tests, the optional timber was employed which extended approximately 9 inches above the carriage. It was noted that two 2 staples on one side and one 1 staple on the opposite side of the test unit were disengaged. The test unit remained intact and all testing was completed with no further damage noted. Test Unit 2 utilized the existing requirement of 14 gauge staples for the gates. MlL-STD-1660 testing was completed with one 1 staple each on opposite sides being disengaged. Test Unit 3 was tested using the proposed 16 gauge staples as used for Test Unit 1 and had similar results during Incline-Impact tests as seen in the previous test units. The result of the staples being disengaged did not differ significantly between the use of the 14 gauge or 16 gauge staples.

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