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Recapitalizing the Air Force Intellect: Essays on War, Airpower, and Military Education

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The essays and speeches in this anthology, written over the years by Dennis M. Drew, Colonel, USAF, retired, are grouped into four broad subject areas, within which they are arranged chronologically. Part 1, Considering the Past -- Contemplating the Future, examines some classical military themes and their relationship to modern military problems and the use of modern airpower. The essays in part 1 were written and published during the 1980s. Part 2, The End of the Cold War, looks at problems that were a consequence of this historical development. Although cause for much joy and relief, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the self-liberation of the former Soviet empire, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union also caused great angst in the U.S. military. Local and regional politico-military struggles long suppressed by the Cold War superpowers raised their ugly heads as the stability of the Cold War gave way to the near chaos of the post-Cold War era. Faced with an enormous amount of uncertainty, the U.S. military had to reevaluate its size, composition, and essential missions, all of which fostered spirited debate within and among the services. The essays and speeches in part 2 illustrate these concerns from an Airmans point of view and were all written between 1990 and 1993. To make the case for maintaining a strong air arm in the post-Cold War era, it was prudent to begin thinking about the fundamentals of airpower, its impact during the 20th century, and its potential to make important contributions during the post-Cold War era. Thus the essays in part 3, The Nature and Impact of Airpower, reexamine these issues and attempt to identify what makes airpower so fundamentally different from land and sea power. These essays were written between 1988 and 2002. Finally, the essays and speech selected for part 4, Educating Airmen, reflect the primary focus of the authors career for 30 years.

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