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Defense AT&L (Volume 36, Number 2, March-April 2007)

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Cost-effective Joint Support for the Warfighter, an interview with Jack Bell, DUSD Logistics and Materiel Readiness -- Bell talks about the challenges and opportunities facing defense logistics, from supporting warfighters in some of the most difficult terrain on the planet to transformation. Foreign Comparative Test Program Samples Koreas Best, by Col. Bob Mattes, USAF -- The first U.S. military pilot to fly the Republic of Koreas T-50 Golden Eagle supersonic jet trainer shares his experience. Technology Transition through Collaborative RD, by Mary E. Kinsella, et al. -- The Metals Affordability Initiative, a USAF-industry consortium, works technical projects in a collaborative research environment, enabling technology transitions that impact a wide variety of aerospace systems. Youve Optimized Your Process... by Maj. Joel J. Hagan, USAF, et al. -- Computational organizational modeling can help managers identify opportunities for improving their organizations by optimizing the flow of information through the organization. The Art of Managing Up, by Wayne Turk -- Managing your manager is an essential ingredient in producing a win-win-win situation for you, your organization, and your project. Sources of Program Cost Growth, by William Fast -- SARs for the years since 911 show an increase in the number and cost of reportable MDAPs. The author discusses reasons for the apparent cost growth and proposes changes to make the SAR a more effective communication tool. The Pursuit of Courage, Judgment, and Luck, by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, et al. -- Risk management is not about preventing bad things. It should be as much focused on taking the right risks as on avoiding the stupid ones. The Swing of the Pendulum, by L. S. Kove -- The DoD acquisition pendulum swings between rigidly policy-driven and loosely guided states. The author calls for a more moderate middle ground that takes advantages of the strengths of both ways of doing business.

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  • Administration and Management
  • Military Forces and Organizations
  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies

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