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Review of Fusion Systems and Contributing Technologies for SIHS-TD (Examen des Systemes de Fusion et des Technologies d'Appui pour la DT SIHS)

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The major objectives of the report were to identify and review the field of image fusion and contributing technologies and to recommend systems, algorithms and metrics for the proposed SIHS TD Vision SST fusion test bed. A search of the relevant literature was conducted using the relevant databases and approximately 150 papers of primary utility were identified for review. The report provides an in depth introduction to fusion hardware and software technologies and evaluation metrics. The effort focused on identifying promising sensing fusion technologies that could be utilized by the Soldiers Integrated Helmet System Technology Demonstrator SIHS TD. The SIHS TD Vision Sub System Team plans to develop a fusion test bed in the near term to quantify dismounted soldier performance. The systems examined in this project were projected to be mature and compatible with man packed applications by the year 2007. The literature review identified considerable technological advancements in sensor size reduction, power demand reductions, and increases in resolution. The report analyzed select sensor systems for their suitability in the fusion test bed based on sensor form factors, detector resolution, and real time performance. Recommendations on what sensors to include in the fusion test bed are included. The report provides an in depth introduction into image fusion approaches. A list of potential fusion algorithms were identified and reviewed. Recommendations on what fusion algorithms should be examined in the fusion test bed are provided. A number of subjective and objective fusion evaluation approaches and metrics were proposed in the literature to quantify and qualify image fusion performance. Recommendations on what valid fusion metrics should be utilized in the fusion test bed are provided. Improvements to fusion subjective evaluation approaches are also detailed. Finally, summary suggestions for the Vision SST fusion test bed are provided.

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