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Advances in Acoustic Landmine Detection

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The phenomenon of the acoustic-to-seismic AS coupling of airborne sound into the ground for buried anti-personnel and anti-tank landmine detection is well established J. M. Sabatier and N. Xiang, IEEE Trans. on Geoscience Remote Sensing, 39, pp 1146-1154 2001 N. Xiang and J. M. Sabatier, J. Acoust. Soc. Am, 113, pp.1333-1341 2003. A sound source is used to insonify the ground surface. The airborne sound couples into the soil and excites the vibrational energy of the soil matrix. An anomaly in the vibrational energy occurs on the ground surface in a region very near a buried landmine. This anomaly can be detected with a vibration sensor. This paper will discuss vibration sensors that are currently being used to measure the vibrations due to the presence of a buried landmine. These instruments include a geophone, laser, ultrasonic and radar Doppler vibrometers, and a whole field optical sensor. The detection ability of fused sensors comprised of the AS laser Doppler vibrometer based sensor and a ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar is also being investigated. Researchers at the University of Mississippi, Planning Systems Incorporated, and MetroLaser, Inc. are investigating all of the vibration sensors described above. This paper will present results of this research.

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  • Acoustic Detection and Detectors
  • Land Mine Warfare

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