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Science and Technology for the Future Force. FY2006 Summer Study

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Final rept.

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The Army Science Board was tasked to 1 Evaluate the present and planned ST investment portfolio against the requirements of the future force and the GWOT and 2 Evaluate how well Army ST investments leverage the investments of other organizations both inside and outside of government. The ASB approach to the study looked at five specific areas of Army response to ST challenges Strategic Outreach, Cross-Cutting Initiatives, Gap Analysis Process, Technology Transition, and Strategic Management. Major Study recommendations in these areas include Strategic Outreach 1 Establish an office of Strategic Outreach for ST focused on a 6.1 through 6.3 activities outside the Army b Exploiting global technologies and c Gaining Intellectual Property access where appropriate. 2 Establish an Outreach Fund to bring technologies into the Army from all sources. Cross-Cutting Initiatives 1 Establish an Office of Cross-Cutting Initiatives ST Focused On a 6.2 and 6.3 activities inside and outside the Army b Developing cross-cutting technology solutions from any combination of Army stovepipes, traditional and non-traditional industry, universities, and foreign sources and c Rapidly transition candidate technologies to the next step. 2 Grow the Agile Implementation Demonstration and Experimentation AIDE program and raise its level in the organization Gap Analysis Process Capability Gap Analysis a Increase specificity of sub-capability gaps b Apply analytical processes to the product of the gap analysis to sort gaps into actionable, prioritized list and c Give more weight to other DOTLPF solutions. Technology Shortfalls a Perform risk assessment on funded projects, including the output of red teaming, that are assumed to meet shortfalls b Consider external ST that might provide solutions by filling shortfalls Technology Transition.

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