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The Three Wars of Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer. His Korean War Diary

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From June 25, 1950, to May 20, 1951, Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, the Far East Air Forces commander, kept a diary of his activities during the Korean War. A number of general officers kept such diaries during World War II, although the practice was generally frowned upon by higher headquarters and, in the Navy at least, was against regulations. In the Korean War, the writing of such works became less wide-spread. Surprisingly, however, three diaries written by senior Air Force officers Stratemeyer, Maj. Gen. Earle E. Partridge, Commander, Fifth Air Force, and Maj. Gen. Edward J. Timberlake, Vice Commander, Fifth Air Force exist from the Korean War. These three diaries view the war from different perspectives Stratemeyer s from a high-level planning, strategy, and political viewpoint Partridges from a mid-level planning and operational plane Timberlake s from a slightly lower operational level. This book, however, deals only with General Stratemeyer s diary. It is a valuable document because his position as Far East Air Forces commander allowed him to observe the war and its personalities from a unique perspective. General Stratemeyer had his secretary type his diary entries onto 6 by 9 12-inch loose-leaf lined pages. Totalling some 750 pages, these were then placed into three large binders covering the periods June 25 - September 15, 1950, September 16 - December 16, 1950, and December 17, 1950 - May 20, 1951. The editor has changed this time division somewhat to conform to certain significant events and to make each section more or less equal in length. September 14 now ends the first section the second section begins the following day with the Inchon landings and concludes on November 25 with the opening of the massive Chinese Communist offensive the final section covers the period November 26, 1950, to May 20, 1951, the date of Stratemeyers heart attack.

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