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Email Marketing for U.S. Army and Special Operations Forces (SOF) Recruiting

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Master's thesis

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U.S. Army and Special Operations Forces SOF Recruiters in the U.S. Army Recruiting Command USAREC currently use four prospecting strategies to recruit Future Soldiers. These include telephone, referral, face-to-face, and internet or e-mail prospecting. The four prospecting strategies have proven to be effective, but e-mail prospecting continues to remain the most underutilized. Ironically, e-mail prospecting is the most efficient strategy, yet most recruiters either refuse to try it or they use it incorrectly. This study demonstrates that U.S. Army and SOF Recruiters can use e-mail as a legitimate marketing tactic and a powerful tool. Chapter 1 sets forth the purpose of the study and the authors hypothesis. Chapter 2 discusses the four recruiting strategies that are being used by U.S. Army and SOF recruiters, with a concentration on e-mail prospecting. In Chapter 3, the author presents three case studies of organizations that successfully used e-mail marketing to increase customer recruitment the Raleigh Recruiting Company, Digital Underground Credit Knowledge DUCK9, and the Eastpoint Community Church. The first case study is the authors personal account of the e-mail marketing campaign he launched while commanding the Raleigh Recruiting Company, U.S. Army, during FY 2006. By the end of the year, he had sent over 750,000 targeted e-mail newsletters to college students within his area of responsibility. Ten enlistments resulted from this e-mail campaign. Chapter 4 presents a model to demonstrate the efficiency of e-mail marketing compared with phone prospecting, and justifies an estimate that the Army could recruit roughly 2,300 more recruits each year with a nationwide e-mail campaign for under 600,000. The author recommends that USAREC implement a mass e-mail marketing campaign in 2008, and presents COAs for doing so. The final portion of the thesis is an appendix that provides additional strategies to assist USAREC with its e-mail marketing endeavors.

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  • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
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