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Optical Detection of Nuclear Spin States

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Final rept. 4 Jun 2003-31 Jan 2007

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The goal of this project was to improve our control over nuclear spins in the solid state, and to extend this control to coupled electron-nuclear spins. Our key results are summarized below. 1. We extended the control techniques developed in liquid state NMR quantum information processing to the control of a three-qubit solid state NMR quantum information processor. 2. To explore multi-body spin dynamics and their sensitivity to decoherence, we have measured the decay of NMR multiple quantum coherence intensities in the presence and absence of the dipolar Hamiltonian, in a cubic and a one-dimensional spin system. 3. We also studied the transport of polarization in the one-dimensional fluoroapatite system, both experimentally and theoretically, and created special states in which the polarization is localized to the ends of the chain. This enables both universal Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation in 1-D systems. 4. We devised a novel scheme for electron-nuclear quantum information processing that exploits the anisotropic hyperfine coupling. This scheme enables universal control over a 1-electron, N-nuclear spin system, addressing only a single electron spin transition. Not having to address the nuclear spins directly significantly speeds up the control. We designed and fabricated a pulsed electron spin resonance spectrometer, along with a cryogenic probe which we used to experimentally implement this scheme on a single crystal sample of irradiated malonic acid. 5. We demonstrated the role of nuclear spin dipolar diffusion in dynamic nuclear polarization DNP experiments, in dielectric samples with abundant nuclear spins. We achieved a 29Si polarization of 8.3 at 66 GHz and 1.1 K in single crystal P-doped, the highest ever reported, using DNP.

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  • Optical Detection and Detectors
  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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