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A Hybrid, Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Acquisition and Tracking

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Master's thesis

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This thesis proposes a hybrid, large-scale wireless sensor network WSN designed to support real-time target detection and tracking of multiple ballistic missile threats. In particular, the proposed WSN consists of terrestrial as well as satellite nodes. The IR signatures presented by the target-background combination are explored and modern IR sensor technologies are examined in search of a suitable IR sensor for the proposed hybrid, large-scale WSN. A multicolor, Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetector QWIP, step-stare, large-format Focal Plane Array FPA is proposed and evaluated through performance analysis. The thesis proposes an efficient data dissemination mechanism as well as a suitable medium access control MAC scheme for the proposed WSN that is designed to meet real-time and accuracy requirements without introducing excessive overhead and increased end-to-end time-delays. A clustering mechanism, called the Area of Interest AOI is introduced, which combines the content-based feature of the data centric routing approach with the principles of in-network data aggregation and clustering. Simulation results verify that aggregation within the AOI improves the data throughput across the full range of network load. A contention-based MAC scheme, Carrier Sense Multiple Access CSMA, and a contention-free approach, Time Division Multiple Access TDMA, are examined. Performance analysis and simulation results indicate that a contention-free approach is suitable for implementation in wireless networks associated with large propagation delays and increased offered loads. Matlab and OPNET Modeler copyrighted software packages are used to simulate and evaluate the proposed schemes.

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  • Computer Systems
  • Antimissile Defense Systems
  • Infrared Detection and Detectors
  • Radio Communications

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