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Analysis and Design of Ultra Wide-Band and High-Power Microwave Pulse Interactions With Electronic Circuits and Systems

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Final rept. 15 Jun 2001-31 Aug 2006

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This research is directed to understanding and modeling the effects of electromagnetic pulse interactions with electronic circuits and systems, and is focused on four major tasks. 1 Characterization of coupling mechanisms responsible for guiding electromagnetic energy from the source to the electronic components, via topology schemes based on a generalized scattering matrix. Frequency-domain and time-domain solvers are developed for large-scale systems. The results are validated via measurements and via comparison with new canonical solutions to scattering and penetration problems. 2 Characterization of the spurious waveforms at the input ports of the electronic systems. A full-wave three-dimensional analysis of linear passive systems is developed to convert the radiating and conducting EMI into sets of noise sources at the ports of nonlinear active circuits. A network-oriented nonlinear transient simulator is developed for small-signal and large-signal analysis of nonlinear electronics, including the distributed nature of the coupling path and EMI sources. 3 Determination of conditions for induced change-of-logic states and alterations of logic functions for digital circuits and computer systems. A fault-tolerance analysis is developed to determine, classify, monitor and control various system program errors under EM threat. 4 Experiments to validate EM penetration and coupling predictions, and circuit and system fault models.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation
  • Electromagnetic Pulses

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