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Pilot Comparison of Stromal Gene Expression among Normal Prostate Tissues and Primary Prostate Cancer Tissues in White and Black Men

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Final rept. 1 Sep 2004-31 Aug 2006

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Recent advances in prostate biology suggest that stromal cells surrounding prostate epithelia may play a key role in permitting or stimulating epithelial cells to lose control and form precancerous and cancerous lesions. The goal and purpose of this Hypothesis Development project is to obtain preliminary data sufficient to begin to explore the role of prostate stromal cells in prostate carcinogenesis under conditions as rigorously controlled as current technology allows. This hypothesis development project tests the feasibility of identification, laser capture microdissection, and expression analysis of prostate-stroma specific cells in normal and cancerous prostates, and aims to develop preliminary data sufficient to identify potential differences in stromal RNA expression in normal and cancerous prostate tissue. The studies found that it is difficult but not impossible to histologically identify prostate zones with an acceptable degree of confidence in frozen tissues, thus eliminating the need to attempt expression studies in fixed tissues with their attendant biases. Laser capture microdissection of stromal tissue was completed for 5 normal prostates from men across the age range and from two racial groups African Americans and Caucasians, and for prostates from men of similar ages with adenocarcinoma identified distant from the area of dissection. High Quality RNA was isolated, and duplicate Affymetrix Plus 2.0 chip analysis was recently completed. RNA expression data analysis has just begun. Selective validation testing of these analyzed data is planned and will be the final step of this painstaking hypothesis development project. The key research accomplishments during this period were as follows identification of appropriate normal tissues for study, determination of frozen tissues as the best foundation for study, completion of tedious laser capture microdissections, and completion of Affymetrix Gene Chip hybridizations.

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