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The Analysis of Network Centric Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Using Queueing Theory

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In 2001 the Maritime Systems Group of The Technical Cooperation Program TTCP set-up an Action Group AG-1 to examine the exponential increases in warfighting capability claimed for Network-Centric Maritime Warfare NCMW. Analysis of NCMW is a two-stage process of finding analysis processes for estimating the NCMW effects on the scenario parameters and then applying appropriate warfare models to relate NCMW-sensitive scenario parameters to force effectiveness. This paper will report on the results of a modeling workshop held by AG-1 in November 2002. The workshops focus was to investigate the usefulness of applying a queueing model to Maritime Interdiction Operations MIO within the context of the NCMW concept of tactical collaborative planning. Both analytical and simulation-based queueing models were examined, and the theoretical model was applied parametrically to two MIO scenarios. Using the steady-state probability of target vessel interdiction i.e., service as the primary measure of effectiveness, the workshop was able to demonstrate the usefulness of queueing to relate NCMW application measures to force effectiveness. In addition, the queueing models provided valuable insight into the aspects of the MIO task where NCMW concepts might be applied. Thus, queueing is directly applicable to the second stage of analysis for operations that can be viewed as a demand for service, and provides direction in the process of refining NCMW concepts into testable applications. The parametric results from the workshop provide general bounds on expected improvements in effectiveness however, specific results will depend upon the particular NCMW applications and how they are used.

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