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The Proactive Grand Strategy for Consensual and Peaceful Korean Unification

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Master's thesis

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This thesis assesses the reasons for the continuous division of the two Koreas and proposes necessary policies for Korean unification. In modern times, Koreans have been unable to determine their own destiny. Many examples show that Koreas circumstances have been influenced by other countries. Koreas division and the North Korean nuclear standoff are not only Korean problems but also international issues. In these contexts, Korean unification requires not only domestic efforts but also international efforts. Also, for successful consensual and peaceful unification, domestic and international efforts should not be passive and reactive. They should be practical, proactive, and comprehensive. In other words, Korean unification has been difficult because there have not been sufficiently proactive domestic and international efforts. Internal and external efforts can be implemented in three fields military containment and negotiation, political negotiations and economic and social engagement. These three approaches are the fundamental pillars on which to build successful unification. Proactive and synchronous implementation of the three policies is the pivotal point in order to deal with North Korea because each policy is important and can be implemented in different fields. Strong defense is critical to supporting other policy implementation. Political negotiations can deal with the peace treaty issue. Economically, an engagement policy should be maintained to open North Korea and provide humanitarian aid. Through the proactive implementation of those policies for Korean unification by the two Koreas and four powers, northeast Asia will be more stable and peaceful. Peaceful Korean unification will be an important first step on the road to a more peaceful world in the twenty-first century.

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