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Decision Support System for the Management of an Army's Tracked and Wheeled Vehicle Fleet

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Master's thesis

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The purpose of this research is to define a decision support system for the management of a military tracked and wheeled vehicle fleet. Such a system should be capable of delivering reliable information for decision making on time and provides data related to the classification, registration, assignment, maintenance, and availability of vehicles. The system is composed of the following subsystems Subsystem Classification and Registration of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Subsystem Transfer of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Subsystem Preventive and Curative Maintenance. Subsystem Retirement of tracked and wheeled vehicles. The four subsystems will be installed in a Client Server architecture enabling partial or total access to the database and providing real time data for decision making. The platform which will host the application is Oracle running on top of the WINDOWS operating system. The database will be relational. The framework used in the design and modeling consists of Object-Oriented Analysis which aims to model the problem domain. The source of the analysis is a written requirements statement and use cases. Oracle Developer which is a powerful tool for development and interaction with databases. The solution to procure will be implemented and executed as follows ClientServer architecture with the Oracle DBMS and the development tool Developer 2000. The application will be installed on the end stations. The database will be implemented on the server side. This software to develop constitutes a solution to provide and make available necessary and instantaneous accurate data that will be used to derive the right decision on time.

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  • Administration and Management
  • Combat Vehicles

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