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A New Multi-Sensor Track Fusion Architecture for Multi-Sensor Information Integration

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This paper proposes a new multi-sensor track fusion model. The widely used multisensor track fusion model is based on the Extended Kalman Tracker whereas the new fusion model is based on the alpha beta gamma tracker. This new technology will integrate multi-sensor information and extract integrated multi-sensor information to detect, track and identify multiple targets at any time, in any place under all weather conditions. This technology can be applied to the development of fighter aircraft and also to the development of aircraft for Command, Control, Communication and Computer and Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance C4ISR. This technology will help to protect our Homeland and finally control and destroy any enemy who dares to challenge us from the air, land or the sea. The advantage of this new Multi-Sensor Track Fusion Model over the currently used Multi-Sensor Track Fusion Model is that it is mathematically simpler. The algorithm needs no matrix inversion and no matrix element divide-by-zero. This means it is easier to implement and there will be no mid-air computer shut down or system crash. The architecture of the new Multi-Sensor Track Fusion Model includes Multi-Sensors such as radar, electronic warfare, the digital signal processor, the alpha beta gamma tracker, the multi-sensor correlation processor, the vehicle interface unit, and the flight crew. The ultimate goal of this new Multi-Sensor Track Fusion Model is to generate fused tracks from all sensor trackers, and integrate all sensor information to provide the pilot and the C4ISR headquarters with time critical target information. Finally this new integration will help establish the air, land and sea superiority on the battlefield.

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  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Target Direction, Range and Position Finding
  • Command, Control and Communications Systems

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