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The Air Force and the Cold War

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This publication presents 11 chapters that discuss varying aspects of Air Force participation in the Cold War. Chapter 1, Iron Curtain, focuses on the challenge in Europe, containment, the Berlin Airlift, and atomic air power. Chapter 2, Massive Retaliation, examines National Security Council-68 NSC-68 strategy report, the Korean War, National Security Council-1622 NSC-1622, and the pact with NATO. Chapter 3, Strategic Force, discusses the hydrogen bomb, the Strategic Air Command SAC, the Air Defense Command ADC, the Composite Air Strike Force CASF, and ICBMs. Chapter 4, Nuclear Strategies and Concepts, focuses on Khrushchevs fanning of the fires, counterforce and countervalue, missiles and bombers, and the space program. Chapter 5, High Noon, looks at the U-2 incident, Bay of Pigs, the Berlin Wall, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Chapter 6, Flexible Response, discusses nuclear options, conventional forces, domino theories, and the Vietnam War. Chapter 7, Mutual Assured Destruction, examines the McNamara strategy, retreat from superiority, and parity. Chapter 8, Detente, focuses on essential equivalence, arms control, China, nuclear options and strategies, the Brezhnev Doctrine, and conflicts abroad. Chapter 9, Problems of Balance, discusses the one-sided counterforce, Team B, the Scowcroft Commission, and the strategic triad. Chapter 10, Challenging the Evil Empire, examines the rearming of America, revoking detente, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the standoff in Europe, and force versus force. Chapter 11, Fall of the Soviet Union, focuses on Mikhail Gorbachev, the demise of the pact, the end of the USSR, and the Cold War legacy. The monograph includes a chronology of events that occurred during the Cold War 1945-1991 by specific date month, day, and year

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