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Assessing Options to Enhance Force Protection for Mobile Forces

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Conference paper

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Over the past decade there has been increased interest in options to enhance force protection for forces in operations other than war OOTW. This was highlighted by actions taken in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia FRY where actions to enhance force protection e.g., mandated use of protective gear use of multiple vehicles in traveling through the theater were stressed heavily. More recently, the mission has become a major political-military issue in Iraq where attacks on coalition forces and International Organizations have become common place. In view of this increasing interest, the Army Science Board was directed to undertake a summer study to identify and assess options to enhance force protection effectiveness and efficiency. Consistent with that direction, the study identified an array of vignettes as a context for exploring promising force protection options. These included four hypothetical vignettes associated with the protection of fixed installations a biological attack against the Norfolk, VA, area a chemical attack against the Kandahar airport in Afghanistan a high explosive attack against a forward operating base in central Asia and a high explosive attack against a Forward Arming and Refueling Point FARP. Furthermore, two hypothetical vignettes were formulated to explore the challenges associated with the protection of mobile Blue forces a logistical convoy of trucks protected by escort vehicles and small teams patrolling in a market place. This paper describes the analyses that were performed to illuminate the issues associated with the protection of mobile Blue forces. Particular emphasis was placed on assessing the potential impact that C4ISR options would have on force protection effectiveness.

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  • Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies
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