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From Cognition To Language: The Modeling Field Theory Approach

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Final rept. 3 Jun 2005-5 Dec 2006

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This report results from a contract tasking Universidade de Sao Paulo as follows The Grantee will investigate a theoretical possibility for the integration of Language and Cognition, aiming to show it is coherent and plausible. The main goal is to improve the general understanding of issues concerning cognition and language making use of minimal models. Prototypes of hardware or software are not included, although depending on the results of the research, that will be a natural next step. Specific goals are 1 To determine whether communication among software agents can help in the solution of the differentiation problem, i.e., the development of more detailed knowledge. To achieve this requires that agents be endowed with a mechanism to determine the real number of objects in their world as well as mapping between concepts and signals. And 2 To introduce a second-level of cognitive hierarchy in order to make agents capable of recognizing relationships among objects. At the linguistic level this problem is related to the evolution of syntactic communication. The specific problem to be studied is the enemy-pack problem simultaneous recognition of several targets. The main expected product of this research is a better understanding of the trade-off between cognition and communication.

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  • Linguistics
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