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Should there be an Australian Army Association?

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Master's thesis

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An Australian Army Association AAA has never existed even though associations related to the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force have existed since 1920. The purpose of this study is to determine whether an AAA should be established. While there is no AAA, a number of associations related to the Australian Army currently exist. A large proportion of these associations cater to veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. These associations provide a forum for social camaraderie, access to benefits, and assistance with issues of common concern. Other existing associations related to the Australian Army are based on subordinate organizations of the Army, typically corps and units. Given that attracting membership to associations is to some degree a competitive activity, it is likely that an AAA would have to compete with the existing associations for members. The secondary research questions for this study are as follows 1 What associations related to the Australian Army currently exist, and on what basis do they operate 2 What associations related to the United States, United Kingdom, and Canadian armies currently exist, and on what basis do they operate 3 What purpose would an AAA serve 4 What are the potential sources of income for an AAA and 5 What benefits would an AAA generate for its members, and what potential activities could an AAA expend its funds on The study concludes that an AAA should be established with the prime objective of creating a sense of camaraderie and fraternity among serving members and former members of the Australian Army. An AAA could expend funds and become involved in a wide range of activities as the association matures and its membership base grows. An AAA could have the following potential sources of income individual subscriptions, corporate subscriptions, private donations, and the commercial sales of specialized merchandise.

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