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Compendium of Anomaly Detection and Reaction Tools and Projects

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This document is a compendium of anomaly detection and reaction ADR automated tools and research projects. In the first appendix to this document you will find an explanation of what we mean by anomaly detection and reaction. In the second appendix you will find a description of the attributes used to describe the tools and projects. In the descriptions of tools and projects, we have used the unverified claims of the vendors and projects, paraphrasing what they have written to ensure a uniform style of presentation. In some cases, some other source of information was used these cases are noted individually. A compendium of this type cannot cover all ADR tools and projects there are too many of them and the population changes rapidly. For the commercial off-the-shelf COTS products, we started this compendium in the latter half of 1998 by focusing on major vendors and tools. At that time we included products from vendors in three groups - primary, secondary, and other. These groups were defined on the basis of information provided in a Hurwitz Group white paper. Primary providers were those vendors with the highest revenues as reported in the white paper. Secondary providers were those with comparable, competitive tools or systems, as identified in the same paper. Other providers were added to the compendium as we discovered additional tools from searching available sources of information. See the first version of this compendium for fuller discussion of these points and identification of the primary, secondary, and other providers. We now add to this compendium without regard to current revenues of providers. Rather, we include any commercial products of any vendor that appear to be released, fully supported offerings relevant to anomaly detection and reaction.

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