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Intrusion Detection for Air Force Networks: Operational, Performance, and Implementation Goals

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The Command and Control C2 Protect Mission-Oriented Investigation Experimentation MOIE Project, sponsored by the Air Force, aims to develop and promulgate resources to counter information warfare IW threats to military C2 computer networks. One component of the threat dimension is exploitative intrusion activity. The rewards of a successful IW attack on U.S. C2 systems invite attempts at exploitation. At the same time, the number of foreign countries with IW capabilities is increasing rapidly. Since military systems are typically connected to and dependent on public switched networks, they are accessible to an attackers attempts at exploitation. One technological countermeasure is intrusion detection capability. Once detected, a variety of actions can be taken to thwart an attackers intentions. In the recent past, intrusion detection capabilities have been developed by both governmental and commercial interests. These nascent capabilities will surely grow and evolve rapidly over the next several years to become far more capable and easier to use than they are today. One can reasonably expect commercial interests to have a leading role in extending this technology. At the same time, it seems prudent to examine intrusion detection technology from the point of U.S. military systems to ensure that the goals for those systems will be met. Will developing intrusion detection capabilities meet the operational, performance, and implementation goals of the U.S. Air Force To help ensure that they will, the MITRE C2 Protect MOIE project is making Air Force goals for intrusion detection available to commercial interests that may develop capabilities. This paper, a first cut at defining goals, capitalizes on customer and corporate experience with intrusion detection tools as well as knowledge of the problem domain. It creates an information base about intrusion detection, providing a framework for discussing, refining, and enhancing intrusion detection goals.

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