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Militant Ideology Atlas: Research Compendium

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Research compendium

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The Combating Terrorism Center CTC at West Point has dedicated many of its resources this year to understanding the Jihadi ideology through the words of its adherents. In its Harmony and Disharmony report, the CTC exposed the organizational weaknesses of al-Qaida using its own internal documents. CTCs Jihadi Imagery Report cataloged frequently used images in Jihadi propaganda. The translation of Abu Bakr Najis Management of Savagery focused new attention on the Jihadi Movements grand strategy in the Middle East. And Stealing al-Qaidas Playbook exposed the ideologys soft underbelly by using the writings of Jihadi scholars and ideologues. The Militant Ideology Atlas is the CTCs most recent and comprehensive attempt to better understand the ideology driving the Jihadi Movement. The empirically supported findings from this effort are generated by a systematic research methodology and critical analyses of hundreds of al-Qaidas most widely read and influential texts. The wealth of information contained in the Atlass Research Compendium provides a new generation of scholars and analysts with the data and evidence they need to understand these adversaries and to devise strategies for combating them. The Atlas is a major step toward that goal, and it empowers scholars with a critical resource needed to contribute to such efforts. The first part of this compendium lists Jihads most popular texts from, including name of work transliterated, name of work translated into English, author, number of times read, number of times downloaded, and brief notation on content. Part 2 is a bibliography that includes cataloging information for, and summaries of, 93 of the most popular Jihadi texts, with notes. Part 3 contains biographies of 132 Jihadi authors and frequently cited figures. The biographies include name transliterated, name in Arabic, aliases, birth and death dates, country of origin, background, a photograph if available, and notes.

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