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Navy Document Conversion Program Project: Pipe Flanges (The National Shipbuilding Research Program)

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The prescribed objective of this project is to develop an overall strategy and a specific plan of action for the commercialization of Navy pipe flange patterns to be used in conjunction with on-going commercialization projects for pumps, valves, strainers, and other flanged piping components. This objective is derived from an understanding of the problem reflected in the SP6 Project abstract, which states as follows There currently exists in the U. S. Marine industry, two systems of pipe flanges - so called Navy flanges Mil-Spec and commercial ANSI. Both flange systems have general attributes pipe sizes, pressure ratings, material availability that are identical to each other. The major difference between them is in their physical dimensions diameter, thickness, bolt holes which makes them incompatible with each other. The construction of most Navy ships results in a combination of Navy and commercial flanges being installed, many times in the same piping system. This creates confusion for the designer, procurer , and installer. Ultimately, the confusion is carried over to the ships operations and logistics in that two flange systems must be provisioned. Also pumps, valves, and other components with otherwise similar attributes are made unique due to their flange types, further complicating the ships stores. The starting point in this project was to determine the scope of the incompatibility caused by specifying a combination of Navy and commercial standards for flanges in Navy ship specifications. Following a determination of the incompatibilities, an analysis of the standardization efforts necessary to reduce or eliminate them will be made. This result will be looked at in the light of existing industry and Navy practices relating to the utilization of flanges. Following this, an action plan will be developed for achieving the desired objective.

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  • Marine Engineering
  • Pumps, Filters, Pipes, Tubing, Fittings and Valves

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