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Design and Implementation of a Decision Support System for Assigning Human Resources in the Hellenic Navy

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Master's thesis

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Currently the Greek Navy uses detailers to assign officers to billets. There are two transfer periods within a year, one in December with a small number of transfers and one in June where the vast majority of the transfers occur. An officer transferred to a new billet should expect a 2-year tour. There are four separate offices, each one dealing with a related specialty Deck officers, Engineers, Supply, and Medical. The detailers are subject matter experts who use a mix of experience and intuition to assign officers to billets. Both the current command and the officer may express preferences for filling billets, respectively, but in reality their inputs have little or no effect upon the actual process. The decision process is not optimized and preferences are not usually taken into consideration. This situation could result in assigning the wrong people to the wrong places with dreadful consequences to morale and performance. This thesis focuses on the design of a Decision Support System DSS to facilitate Human Resource Management HRM decisions for the Hellenic Navy. A mathematical, multi-criteria optimization model was designed and implemented in a software environment to improve officer job assignment decisions. The goal was to develop a software solution that could adapt automatically to different issues concerning HRM. Optimal assigning of HRM resources while considering multiple criteria is a very difficult task. There are many attributes to be taken into account in such a task, some of which contradict each other. The human mind has limitations when dealing with multi-attribute problems and their associated set of multiple tradeoffs. Providing a mathematical model that has the ability to evaluate tradeoffs could provide useful insight to decision makers and help reduce bias in the overall HRM assignment process. The design and implementation of such a system is the purpose of this thesis.

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