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Technology Assessment in Ship Production (The National Shipbuilding Research Program)

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Paper no. 6A

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This paper describes a research approach which addresses the format of general systems theory to examine technologies and processes which have the potential for being implemented in the shipbuilding industry. It seeks to create a systematic and logical procedure in which to examine technologies and institutional policies utilized in various other industries and has the potential for creating a strategy for technology and economic impact identification and policy evaluation. Decisions as to technologies are currently based on the readily available costs estimated to implement an alternative designed exclusively for the shipbuilding industry. The generation of extensive competing alternatives and innovations is often impossible to perform due to the lack of a comprehensive data source. Secondary institutional and economic impacts are often ignored. A technology assessment algorithm can develop a framework for an assessment revolving around a contingency hypothesis. The approach incorporates a cost analysis of primary economic benefits and disbenefits that will identify affected institutional parties and unanticipated impacts in as broad and long-range a fashion as available data will permit. Resulting recommendations can provide indispensable prerequisites for the definition of alternatives as to their technological economic social and productivity impacts.

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  • Marine Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering and Control of Production Systems

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