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Report of Visits to Jimma and Alemya

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This report documents the activities of L. M. Henderson, member of the Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense ICNND, National Institutes of Health, who visited Jimma and Alemya, Ethiopia, from February 13 to February 21, 1961. This was a follow-up visit regarding the Nutrition Survey made by the ICNND in 1958. A 1-day visit to the Agricultural Technical School at Jimma was made with Mr. Hugh Rouk on February 14, 1961. The author offers some observations on the physical facilities at the school, including classroom and administration buildings and science laboratories the nature and completeness of the curriculum, including the requirement that students work in the fields and gardens and with the animals the cleanlinesssanitary condition of dormitories, kitchen, and dining hall and the disposition of the staff. Four days were then spent in the Alemya area visiting the Imperial College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts and the surrounding area. Discussions were held with administrators and staff members and the facilities were examined. The author offers some observations on the physical facilities at Alemya, including housing for U.S. staff members, the dormitories, kitchen, and dining hall the curriculum devoted to the physical and biological sciences basic to agriculture the need for adding a course in biochemistry that would be a four-credit course with three lectures and one 3-hour laboratory per week the need for 6-10 hours of instruction in human nutrition, with a focus on the nutrition problems peculiar to Ethiopia the needs of a laboratory for biochemistry instruction the importance of biochemistry research for improving the quality of animal proteins in the Ethiopian diet and the need for extension work in home economics. The author commends the administrative and teaching staffs for the excellent service they are rendering in their effort to improve agriculture in Ethiopia.

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