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Final Environmental Assessment for the Defensive Training Initiative, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico

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Final rept.

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The 27th Fighter Wing 27 FW at Cannon Air Force Base AFB is an integral part of the United States Aerospace Expeditionary Force AEF. The AEF concept integrates fighters, bombers, support aircraft, and tactical airlift into one functional unit that responds rapidly and decisively to potential crises anywhere in the world. Cannon AFBs F-16 pilots are routinely deployed to the worlds hot spots and subjected to hostile radar and anti-aircraft defenses. The increasing sophistication of enemy equipment and tactics requires that the 27 FW pilots be trained to instantly respond to these threats. Continued survival depends on this training. Defensive training involves the rapid response of pilots to threats from opposing radar, reflexive maneuvering, and dispensing of defensive countermeasures. Defensive countermeasures include chaff that confuses enemy search radars and radar-guided missiles, and flares that decoy heat-seeking missiles and sensors. The 27 FW, the proponent of this action, currently conducts training using chaff and flares, but is limited to the restricted airspace associated with the Melrose Air Force Range AFR R-51045105. The 27 FW proposes to conduct defensive training using chaff and flares in the existing military airspace designated as Pecos Military Operations Area MOAAir Traffic Control Assigned Airspace ATCAA, Sumner ATCAA, and Taiban MOA. Chaff use also is proposed for defensive training in the northern portion of Military Training Routes MTRs Visual Routes VRs-100125. Implementation of this proposal would expand defensive training for F-16 pilots of the 27 FW stationed at Cannon AFB and other transient users. This Defensive Training Initiative DTI Environmental Assessment EA has been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act NEPA of 1969. It addresses the 27 FWs Proposed Action and reasonable alternatives to the Proposed Action.

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  • Attack and Fighter Aircraft
  • Defense Systems
  • Radar Countermeasures
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Environmental Health and Safety

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