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Updated Army Cook Staffing Model to Reflect Workloads Generated by Current Field Feeding Operations, Group Rations, and Kitchens

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Final rept. Oct 2004-Sep 2005

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To improve the effectiveness of field feeding operations, the U.S. Army in recent years fielded the new Container Kitchen, new Modern Burner Unit, and two new group rations the Unitized Group Ration-A UGR-A and the Unitized Group Ration-HeatServe UGR-HS. These fieldings were designed to increase the frequency and quality of group hot meals and reduce the cook workloads generated by field feeding operations. This report details the development of an updated cook staffing model for Army units to cover the actual workloads generated by current field kitchen equipment and group rations. To develop the cook staffing model, work sampling data was collected for 17 different unit kitchens covering 45 complete meal periods to include a variety of different typesize units and mixes of on-site to remote site feeding. In developing the updated model, any required workload assumptions always estimated actual cook workloads on the high side to insure that the proposed updated staffing levels were more than adequate to cover actual maximum average cook workloads. The updated staffing model indicates that required cook staffing levels for larger unit kitchens are significantly less than those presently authorized. For example, a MARC Code 21A unit kitchen feeding 775 soldiers is presently authorized 20 cooks, but the updated model indicates only 12 cooks are actually required. The objectives of this report are as follows 1 describe the methodology used to collect data to quantify unit kitchen cook and kitchen police KP workloads generated by current Army field feeding operations, 2 detail and discuss the kitchen and meal level workload data, 3 detail and discuss the developed cook and KP workload staffing model, and 4 compare the updated staffing model with the current cook authorization levels for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team SBCT.

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