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Development of Textured Buffer Layer on Metal Tapes for Oxide Superconductors

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Final rept. 15 Oct 2002-14 Oct 2005

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Report documents the development effort dedicated to the scale up of inclined substrate deposition ISD of textured magnesium oxide MgO on continuous tapes of nickel based alloys under an AFOSR Phase II STTR program, in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory ANL. Long length highly textured MgO template has been successfully deposited on HC substrate in the reel-to-reel system. High deposition rate up to 10 nmsec of the ISD MgO ebeam deposition and broad exposure window of 7 cm have been achieved with the average in-plane texture of FWHM10. With this set up the output of the well textured MgO template can be easily reached to 1 mhr. Texture formation of the MgO layer has been investigated by XRD analysis. A new relationship termed two-third relationship between inclined angle and the tilted angle of 001 plane is found for the present experimental set up. YBCO-coated conductors fabricated on lightly polished Hastelloy CHC substrate with the ISD-MgO capped with Strontium Ruthenate SRO buffer layer exhibited a sharp transition with Tc 90 K. Transport Jc 0.68x 10exp 6 Asq cm and Ic 44 Acm were measured at 77 K in self-field. Using highly polished HC surface, Jc increased to over 1.6 x 10exp 6 Asq cm and Isub c increased to 110 Acm.

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