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Internet Switching by Satellite: An Ultra Fast Processor with Radio Burst Switching

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This paper introduces a new switching approach for satellites involved in routing statistical traffic, such as Internet Protocol IP data. Inherited from the optical domain, Radio Burst Switching RBS can combine a coarse switching granularity such as circuit switching with statistical multiplexing such as packet switching to better cope with the increasing bandwidth demands of Internet traffic and the need for high connectivity. RBS allows for packet switching missions in which the main burden of data does not require processing. RBS splits header-like information control plane from useful data data plane, each one travelling on separate but linked paths. RBS then demodulates and decodes the header part of the packet and the main burden of data flow is not processed, but simply switched. Savings on embedded mass and power can be achieved because the processing stage is sized to header traffic only. This is the reason why RBS could be the solution to next-generation broadband satellite system requirements. Thanks to relevant data and control channel organization and selective onboard regeneration of signaling, it could be possible to integrate RBS into a Digital Video Broadcasting Return Channel Satellite DVB-RCS environment. Under this scenario, processor implementation would be very challenging, mainly due to the interconnect power costs and memory intensive processing. Because of integrated multi-gigabit transceivers MGT and multi-stage switch architecture, an ultra-fast packet switch will be feasible using year 2010 technologies. This paper describes the Ultra-Fast Internet Satellite Switching ULISS project upstream activities. The main ULISS goal is to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of the RBS concept and the ultra-fast packet switch processor.

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  • Computer Systems
  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation
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