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Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below-Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT). A Case Study in the Accelerated Acquisition of a Digital Command and Control System during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom

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Master's thesis

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The purpose of this project is to provide a process for accelerated acquisition in support of contingency operations. The objective of the project is to recreate and document the events surrounding the fielding of FBCB2-BFT during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, and to produce a document that provides an analysis of actions taken, the obstacles that were overcome and the acquisition policy that applied to the situation in order to rapidly acquire, produce, train and field a useful solution to fulfill an urgent and valid operational need. In 2002, while conducting the Global War on Terror, the US Army determined that combat on an asymmetric battlefield, consisting of a complex operational environment as well as an increased geographic battlespace, required improvements to the current command and control capability available to the force. PM FBCB2 determined their system could fulfill the need by taking the current FBCB2 system and adjusting it to meet the new operational need. Given the constraints regarding time, funding, and technical feasibility PM FBCB2 diligently worked with multiple organizations and agencies in order to provide a useful solution for friendly forces in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In the 12 months prior to 21 March 2003 G-Day Iraqi Freedom, the Army undertook an enormous effort to develop, produce, provide system training, and field FBCB2-BFT. The FBCB2-BFT initiative was successful due to the synchronization of four interrelated and supporting components 1 a technically mature system, 2 user representative acceptance, 3 senior leadership support, and 4 a funding stream.

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