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Serbia and Russia: U.S. Appeasement and the Resurrection of Fascism

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A specter is haunting Europe. It is the specter of that virulent nationalism whose ultimate form is fascism national socialism, aggression, genocide. In West Europe, fascism is an unsettling undercurrent, manifested in a surge of xenophobia, racism, and right-wing parties. It must compete for influence in established democratic political cultures. It can be defeated by political means, if democratic forces rally to defend their principles and values In East Europe, democratic forces thin out and societies are more vulnerable to fascism. In most of East Europe, fascism can still be defeated by political means. In South East Europe, however, fascism has already ruled and ravaged for three years in Serbia and the lands it has seized and purged in Croatia and Bosnia. Serb fascism is the fully developed form. It does not aim to conquer Europe. But it does aim to redefine the post-Cold War order in Europe to one that accepts aggression and genocide. It is succeeding. Serb fascism can only be defeated militarily. Democratic forces thin out still more further east, in the former Soviet Union. And fascism reaches for power in Russia today. Russian fascism is still in proto-fascist form. Its consolidation would gravely threaten U.S. national security. This outcome has already become more likely than a democratic Russia even as Serb fascism has demonstrated that the West, including the United States, will not defend its principles, values, interests, and security. Russian fascism may still be defeatable by political means if U.S. policy changes course now.

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